A moment to myself (and a giveaway for you)

When I was pregnant I was fortunate enough to be sent some grown up colouring books to review.


I was so pleased whenMichael O’mara books asked me to review the 2014 editions of these grown up colouring booksphoto 2(4) – Vintage Patterns and Pretty Patterns.


Having two children under two means that my time to myself is a little restricted, and when I do have a few moments on my own I don’t always want to get out a book to read or my sewing – things that I need more than ten minutes to concentrate on.


These colouring books are great, I can colour when Daniel is drawing, or when I have few minutes to myself. I find it relaxing and doesn’t require a huge amount of thought.


When I recently posted a pic of my colouring to Instagram, it got a lot of comments and positive reaction… it seems that grown up colouring books are a big hit. And I can see why.


There are plenty fo brilliant pages and patterns in here… below are a few excerpts from both books:


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I like some of the bolder patterns, like that shown in the last picture, but I have enjoyed these two so far from the Vintage Patterns book


There really is something for everyone here – there are repeating patterns, or pictures like that of the bird above. There are bold thick solid line drawings and softer lighter lines. What I love about these books from Michael O’Mara is that the paper is such good quality. When using felt pens they don’t bleed through – so you can use both sides – without having to choose which design you want to do.


I think of the two, the Vintage Patterns book is my favourite. They are both priced at £9.99 and are available here and here on Amazon.



Michael o’Mara Books have kindly given me one extra copy of each book – to be in with a chance of winning one of them, please visit the Rafflecopter here


The competition will run until June 15th, and is open to UK residents only. Two winners will be selected and they will be sent a copy of either Pretty Patterns or Vintage Patterns.


*** I was sent one copy of each of these books to review. All words and opinions are my own***


Bump Watch – 39 Weeks….

So, at 39 weeks I’m almost there and it’s fair to say the baby could arrive at any time….. which is both scary and exciting.


39 Weeks (11) I feel surprisingly well, not as big and uncomfortable as I though I would do, and weirdly energetic, although I did read earlier in the week that its not uncommon to get a wave of energy at the end.


At my midwife check up today, all was normal in terms of blood pressure and urine checks, which is a huge relief given last time. The baby is 1/5 engaged but I’m trying not to obsess about that, I know it’s normal for them to engage later in a second pregnancy.


I find myself scouring the internet for signs of imminent labour beyond the obvious of slow contractions and waters breaking! Every twinge and niggle I wonder if this is things beginning… but nothing as yet. He or she will make her entrance as and when they’re ready. In the past week I have become increasingly convinced we are having a girl; I don’t know why and there is nothing to base it on at all – all the old wives tales would suggest I’m having a boy, but who knows. Time will tell!


I feel strangely cheated that I haven’t had any cravings in this or my previous pregnancy…. I find myself eating a lot of cheese at the moment and oddly wanting sugary drinks, which is very unlike me as I generally drink either fresh apple or orange juices or just water, but I did buy a bottle of fizzy apple stuff on Saturday (which of course sent the baby hyper with all that sugar!).


I am also weirdly relaxed about the state of the baby’s room… there is literally stuff everywhere but I’m not bothered by it. Perhaps because I know s/he will be in with his until August time.


the ‘nesting’ instinct  doesn’t appear to have set in yet either, although yesterday I did get myself weirdly obsessed about getting a Filofax – no idea why! I tend to have lots of notebooks and diaries about the place so maybe my nesting urge is to have a lovely filofax and keep everything in one place!! I really like this one in paperchase and this A5 one from paperchase, or, pushing the boat out this lovely raspberry A5 one. Weird the things you suddenly obsess about!



Postcircle goodness

One of the things I joined in last year was #postcircle. The ladies in my group are lovely, and so far we have all exchanged a good number of letters. I love it when some happy mail drops through the door, and as we have exchanged a few letters now it often feels like chatting to an old friend.

I’ve discovered some great cross stitching stuff, had some brilliant book recommendations and just generally enjoyed the ten minutes of relaxation that comes from reading a good letter.

Over the weekend I was in manchester, so popped to paperchase and picked up a couple of bargain letter sets…


I love paperchase and had to resist buying lots more!

I then came home and the latest issue of Craftseller was waiting for me, included was a pack of papers…. So I put these to good use and made some pretty envelopes and note papers. Really easy to do meant only took me about 45 minutes or so.



Yesterday morning whilst Daniel was pottering around I replied to my latest two letters, using the new stationery of course 🙂


I know I have a couple more letters due to land with me soon, hopefully this week so I need to keep on of pop of the replies before I find myself with another baby! It really is relaxing to sit and take stock and think about what to write in your letters, and post circle is a great excuse for a bit of stationery shopping 🙂