A rare shopping trip

It is very rare that I go out to buy clothes for myself. Now I am not working (well in formal paid employment!) I find that I can make do with the jeans and bits and pieces I already own.

However, now that Daniel is almost six months, I have had a clear out of my wardrobe, as I didn’t buy cloths last year, unless they were maternity clothes, I had a lot of stuff that I just didn’t want anymore, either because it doesn’t fit or just isn’t a style I will wear now.

So, over the past couple of weeks I have been ebaying my old clothes. I raised over £50 so today, I went on a rare shopping trip for just me! That’s right, I banned myself from buying Daniel anymore clothes, he really doesn’t need any!

For just £23 I managed to b a pair of jeans and three props, I think I did well! I didn’t want to spend a lot as my days are spent on the floor with Daniel or being drooled over.





The jeans are just a plain blue bootcut and a bargain at just £10. I already have a pair of these and they’re the only jeans I have found that fit me well.

The blue top has a really pretty detail on the bottom, and was a steal at £4. The green top is an unusual choice as I don’t usually buy green. However I nearly bought it a few weeks back (when it was full price) but today it was just £5 so I thought I’d give it a try.

The final top, the grey and blue stripes is just a casual jersey top that I quite liked, again a bargain t £4.

As well as the clothes I couldn’t resist getting some books for Daniel…. Primarily as I saw this one…


At our baby sign class today the teacher said that we will be reading this book next week, so it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

I then saw these two, and liked the rhyming stories so much I just couldn’t resist.


Have you had any bargains recently?