PRODUCT REVIEW: Buddha Beauty Room Candle

You may have seen my post last week on the lovely bath bomb from Buddha Beauty – if not then see here.

In that package I was also sent a room candle…. the scent being ‘calm’.Candle

I won’t lie I was a little bit skeptical about this candle… the website blurb states:

Not only is this a wonderful addition to any room in the home but it also combines as a massage candle. Just light the candle and enjoy the fragrances. As the exquisite aromas fill the room take a small amount of warm wax into your hand and its ready to use.

This candle is made from 100% organic  natural soy plant wax which gives it a clean slow burn time of around 65 hours, giving you more time to enjoy the fresh natural aromas.

Now, I LOVE candles, we burn candles every night. BUT I have yet to come across a candle that burns slowly and evenly and actually does smell like it says it will after the first use or after its been open for a day or two.

I left this candle for a couple of weeks on top of our fireplace. It still smelt great when I lit it for the first time on Friday. So, what about this ‘clean slow burn’ stuff…. I’m used to candles that burn down one side and especially the ones in jars… you tend to end up with half of the wax wasted. Well, I am pleased to say that after burning twice for a few hours it is lovely and even! And even better, it hardly looks used – so I can see it will last well toward those 65 hours.


Now… this massage thing. When Buddha Beauty sent me this candle, they kept reminding me that it can be used for massage and as a cuticle oil. Again, I hold my hands up… I was sceptical. Wouldn’t you be? Hot wax massage? No thanks… I’m sure, like me, you’ve dipped your finger in a candle – in the pool of melted wax. It bloody hurts. The wax dries around your skin and goes hard…. how on earth do I use that to massage? Well… as I went over to look at my candle last night I thought I best at least attempt to see what it was like in order to produce a fair review.

I was really surprised. The wax isn’t wax like. It’s more like an oil, and it’s not HOT, it’s warm, but nice warm. I rubbed the oil into my cuticles and next weekend I’ll be persuading my husband that he really does owe me a back and shoulder massage. It is really amazing.

The candle sells at £15, so it isn’t cheap. But in return you will receive a fab product that is super kind to the environment from a British company. I received the ‘calm candle’ – see here, but there are many more candles on offer. The one I smelt great, and when I came downstairs this morning, I could still smell the lavender too.

After reviewing these products for Buddha Beauty they will now be top of my wishlist come December!!


Nappies, nappies, nappies

Any new parent will be spending an awful lot of time changing their little one’s nappy. How did you choose which brand to use?

We decided quite early on into the pregnancy that we would use cloth nappies. I didn’t know a great deal about the cloth market, all I can recall is the terry towel squares my parents used with my little brother.

We wanted to use cloth nappies as we were concerned about the impact on the environment of disposables, and of course, the cost of nappies isn’t cheap!

We decided that we would aim to have our little on in cloth by Christmas, he was due on 11/11. In in the interim we opted for Huggies. I was really disappointed with Huggies, there seemed to be a lot of leaks! That *might* have been due to the fact that The Boy was teeny tiny (5lb 5) and lost a lot of weight when we was poorly, but when we switched to Aldi’s own brand nappies the leaks reduced significantly.

We didn’t get The Boy into the cloth nappies quite as early as I had hoped, this was due to the fact that he was tiny for ages, and was too small for them!

But which cloth nappies to use? I put a call out on Twitter and received some great advice from the lovely @tryingtobeamum (who’s second one shared The Boy’s due date). I also contacted The Nappy Lady for advice.


Taking all this advice into account, I decided that Tots Bots Easy Fit would be the one that would probably work the best for us. So, off we trundled to the Baby Show to have a look at the nappies.


I have to say that Tots Bots had a superb stand, it was manned by real mums who had babies in Tots Bots. The mum we spoke to was able to give us some honest and great advice on what life with a baby in cloth mean. On her advice we bought a whole kit of Tots Bots

We bought 15 easy fit nappies (5 x white, 5 x rainbow and 5 x fairy tales) and also 5 x Bumboozle Stretch. We also got the accessories kit (bucket, liners, washing powder) and all came in at less than £300.


I have to say we have been really impressed with the nappies. Leaks have been minimal now that he fits into them, and they are super padded so I am sure that once he starts toddling they will help cushion his falls! They wash really well. We did have an issue with the popper on one of the nappies coming away, but to their credit Tots Bots sent a replacement nappy.  We use the Bumboozle Stretch at night –  a two part system is a little too much hassle for me, but they are a more absorbent nappy for overnight.


I know some people worry about the extra washing that cloth nappies generate but most parents will have their washing machine on constantly anyway, an extra couple of washes a week doesn’t add that much really. The Easy Fits are also really fast drying – around six hours I think. I tend to put a wash in after The Boy has gone to bed, and leave then nappies to dry overnight.

I’m really glad we made the choice to go with cloth nappies, all being well our nappy buying days are done, and they will see The Boy through to potty training.


With that in mind – what age did you potty train you young one?


Cheeky Wipes – an essential new mum purchase

As a first time mum-to-be, I found the lists of things I was going to need to buy bewildering, Yes, I knew I needed to get a supply of nappies, vests and sleep suits, and that I’d need a moses basket, pram, car seat etc, but no-one told me about the brilliant Cheeky Wipes!

We’d already decided quite early on that we wanted to use cloth nappies, partly due to cost but also to try and reduce the amount of waste – mums and dads will know that babies go through an awful lot of nappies, and that is  a hell of a lot in landfill. But reusable baby wipes? I wasn’t so sure.

I can’t remember how, but I somehow stumbled across cheeky wipes. I’ll admit that the concept of Cheeky Wipes does sound a bit yucky… re-usable baby wipes doesn’t sound the most appealing! However, after reading the Q&A section on the website and having a couple of twitter conversations, I decided to order the all in one kit for the price of £39.99 plus an extra set of wipes (so I had 50 in total – I figured I’d use one set whilst the other set were being washed).

The kit includes a fresh and mucky wipes box, a set of 25 wipes, fresh and mucky travel bags and two essential oils (one for fresh wipes and one for the mucky box).

We started using the wipes when The Boy was around four weeks old, he seemed to have a terrible nappy rash (in part caused by awful diarrhoea following his stint in hospital and a dose of antibiotics). I was concerned about all the chemicals going onto my newly born boys fresh lovely skin, and the effect this was having on his bum.

So, out came the kit and a quick read of the instructions and I was ready to go.. the first time I set them up it took probably ten mins or so, whilst I was checking what I was supposed to do. (I can now do it in about three mins). Within three days The Boys nappy rash had cleared up and he had a perfectly clear skinned bum – perfect!

I haven’t touched a baby wipe since!

Baby Wipes are expensive – even if you paid just 50p per pack you’d still be going through a couple of packs a week (or at least I would be the way The Boy produces nappies!). The beauty of Cheeky Wipes is that the only ongoing cost is the cost of the oils to keep them smelling lovely, and they’re not much at all.

When I told my husband I’d ordered the reusable baby wipes he was a bit unsure… however since he’s used them he thinks they’re brilliant. Being a parent means that, like it or not, you’re going to get a bit of the mucky stuff on you from time to time…especially when you have a nappy that somehow travels all up the back and all down the legs (and even into the socks – how do they manage that?!?!) but with Cheeky Wipes you soon have baby and yourself cleaned up!

If you want to make your wipes bag a little funkier, then you can order a cool My Little Patch Wet bag – I’ve not got one of these yet but hoping to get one soon!

Not only are you doing your bit for the environment by keeping baby wipes out of the sewers and landfill, but you’re also ensuring that your little one isn’t having harsh chemicals rubbed against their super soft skin and you’re also supporting a British business – what could be better?

To find out more about Cheeky Wipes visit their website here, follow them on twitter (@CheekyWipes) or see their Facebook Page.