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Re-visiting Meal Planning W/C 12 May

Prior to Emma’s arrival, I was meal planning for the week. Partly to save money and not buy things we didn’t need or eat, but also to try and push myself to try out different recipes.


Life with a newborn isn’t really conducive to planning, and sticking to meal plans, so its fallen by the wayside a little in the past 10 weeks or so. However, now that Emma has a routine, of sorts then I can plan a little more. I’m getting a bit fed up of relying on those meals I can cook without referencing a book.


So. replying mostly on my Busy Mums cookbooks and Nosh for Busy Mums, I have planned the following:


photo(3)Monday – Spaghetti with Courgette & Chilli

Tuesday – Sausage Stew

Wednesday – Beef & Mushroom Pie

Thursday – Take out

Friday – Fish Pie



Monday is a quick meal as I have a hospital appointment at 3pm, and the clinic always run really late, so I wanted to do something I could throw together really easily. Thursday is my husband’s birthday, so I will do Daniel something quick and easy and Damian and I will have a takeaway.


I really like the two cook books I am using this week. Both have loads of great recipes in that I have used a couple of times, and they are all pretty easy and quick to make. Do you have any favourite books you use when planning and preparing meals?




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