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Being a Rebel

As Emma’s weight gain has been slow, I was advised to take her to my GP, who in turn referred her to the paediatric team.


Late last week, that appointment finally came through (I’d been referred I think around four weeks earlier). The date was 11 June. I don’t think Emma has any problems. As stated to the GP and Health Visitors, Daniel was a slow gainer and I think Emma is the same. I’ve therefore been a rebel and cancelled that appointment.


I was also asked to take her to weekly weigh ins. Again, my husband and I didn’t think it was necessary so I haven’t taken her for a few weeks. Yesterday, however, I took both her and Daniel to be checked. Damian was off work so it was a good opportunity for him to come and give me a hand!


Emma has gained, and is now sat on the bottom centile line, she weighs 8lb 10 – at 10 weeks & 2 days old. At the same time, Daniel was around a lb lighter (he was 5lb 5 at birth, Emma 6lb 11).


So, we are are happy that she is going in the right direction. At 18 months Daniel is just over 21lb so I think I just have small children… as the charts below show.



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