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One Step Forward….

Not so long ago I wrote how Emma was very reluctant to nap during the day, resulting in her being overly tired.
Well, we seem to have worked out the problem…. she is a tummy sleeper. If she is put down to nap on her tummy then she will sleep, fairly well for a few hours. However, we know that tummy sleeping increases the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS) so we are reluctant to let her sleep like this overnight.


IMG_20140425_152256  We have tried to put her on her back when she is in a deep sleep, but she wakes instantly, and we have also tried putting her to sleep on her side, but again she wakes.


This means that overnight she is sleeping on us, which means that no one is getting any decent amount of sleep….



Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to get her to sleep on her tummy?


5 thoughts on “One Step Forward….

  1. Having the baby in your room especially if she is in a co-sleeper right next to your bed reduces the risk of SIDS. My daughter has shared my bed since she was born. I believe that she has slept better being in bed with me. She didn’t nap well on her own until she was well over a year old. The thought of SIDS is scary. You just have to do what you are comfortable with.

    • Thanks for commenting, we have emmas asleep in her crib in our room from bedtime (around 7) to when we go to bed, around 10/11 ish, She wakes suually between 10 and 11 so at that point she ends up in bed with us xx

  2. Alex liked(and still likes) to sleep on his tummy, it is scary and I have no proper advice apart from to say I did let him do it x

    • We have decided to let her sleep on tum, on the basis that she can really easily move her head side to side. As it is she is only slepeing a max of 3.5 hours anyway!

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