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Freeva Cloth Nappies

I’m a big fan of cloth nappies, and have been using Tots Bots with Daniel since he was around 10 weeks old.

I was really excited when I spotted a tweet by Freeva, looking for bloggers to try their new nappies… How could I resist?

Before the nappy arrived, I took a quick look at the Freeva website, and was surprised to see how cheap the nappies were… as low as £9.95. I was therefore a little sceptical about the quality.

When the nappy arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It was well made; neat stitching etc and the materials whilst not the same quality as those used in the Tots Bots nappies I am used to, were great.

The nappies, like many cloth nappies, require pre washing a couple of times. This ensures that they get up to absorbency. I popped the nappy in with my usual nappy wash a couple of times before I used them. They dry quite quickly, which is a big consideration for me, especially when I am using the nappies with Emma – I need a quick turnaround. The outer nappy (the waterproof bit) dried overnight and the inner bit dried overnight when next to the radiator and also dried out on the washing line this weekend quickly.

In theory the nappies should fit both Emma and Daniel (there is a 16 month gap between them). This is achieved through reducing the rise of the nappy using the poppers on the front. The nappy was too big on Emma, which is unsurprising as she is a skinny thing. I am using disposables with Emma, and will do so for another week or two until she is a little chunkier to fill out the cloth nappies (and prevent leakages!). I will be using the Freeva nappy on her in due course.

They do however fit Daniel really well. Nice and snug on the leg and plenty of room on the waist. They look like they will last a good while longer too. Daniel has worn the nappy on around four or five occasions now and I’ve not had any issues with leaking or irritation to his tummy area (some nappies can rub). I have only tried it during the day – I don’t think it would stand up overnight however this is the same of my Tots Bots easyfits (which is similar in design) and I rely on the tots bots bamboozles overnight for Daniel.

Pocket where insert is placed

Pocket where insert is placed

The Freeva nappies are a pocket design, ie: they have a pocket inbetween the inner section (which goes against the baby’s skin) and the outer, waterproof section. An absorbent inner is place in the pocket.

All in all, I am really impressed with these nappies. They are well priced and the designs are pretty good too – lots of bright plain nappies but some lovely patterned ones too.

I don’t think I would swap all my Tots Bots nappies for Freeva, but as I need to purchase more when Emma starts using them I will certainly add some Freeva nappies into our stash and have already had a look at which nappies will be in my first order!

If you’re thinking of using Cloth Nappies then I can highly recommend Freeva nappies, and even better they are offering a 5% discount with the code HAPPYWIFEMUMME so take a look at their online shop today.




***I was sent one free nappy in return for a fair and honest review. All words and opinions are my own***


19 thoughts on “Freeva Cloth Nappies

  1. Oh ive never heard of Freeva Nappies Before, But there look just as good as the Leading Brands… So worth a try 🙂 #TriedTested

  2. It’s a great nappy isn’t it? I reviewed the same one a while back and really love it. Most of ours are Little Lamb nappies but they are a bit tight on him now, I found the Freeva one to be more generously sized #TriedTested

    • It’s well worth it. I am desperate for Emma to hurry up and fit into out cloth nappies! I think I have just bought my last pack of disposables I she keeps growing to the current rate x

    • Hi Kelly and thanks for taking the time to comment. I can really recommend cloth. I have Daniel in cloth at the moment and I can’t wait until Emma is big enough for them, I reckon I have just today bought my last pack of disposables.

      My go to nappy is still my tots bots easy fits (use code SD10 for a discount on tots bots). But these freeva nappies will certainly make up part of my stash 🙂 let me know how you get on if you do make the switch to cloth x

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