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A new approach

Emma is now eight weeks old, and we are no closer to her falling into any sort of napping or sleeping pattern.

She will only sleep if held by my husband or I, which makes it very difficult in the daytime.

As her napping is so poor she gets herself overtired and then very very upset.

In a bid to try and relieve some of the pressure on me, and to get Emma to settle somewhat we have decided to take a combination approach to her feeding. She has had eight weeks of exclusive breast feeding, but after much thought, Damian and I have decided that we need to introduce formula.

Breastfeeding or formula feeding is controversial in many quarters, and ignites many arguments. For our family set up following a combination approach works. At the moment Emma wants to be held or to nurse constantly. This means that Monday to Friday, when Damian works, Daniel isn’t getting the attention from me that he wants and needs. Emma’s needs limit what I can do with Daniel. This then leads to Daniel getting frustrated and upset.

We have been giving Emma a small amount of formula over the past couple of days. It is beginning to help in some ways, it has meant that this evening I have been able to give Daniel his bath whilst Damian has some important time with Emma whilst he feeds her. It will help Emma learn that it’s not only me that she can depend and rely on, and is giving me some much needed 1-1 time with Daniel.

I hope that the next stage will see Emma get into a more predictable routine with her feeding and from there begin to learn to nap…. and then that should lead to a more settled and calmer household!


Have you followed a similar approach? Did it work for you?


6 thoughts on “A new approach

  1. My first wanted to nurse constantly and be held all the time by me. I wonder how number two will be for me. It’s great reading your blog since you are about three months ahead of me (I’m due in a month and a half). Sounds like you are getting into a routine that works well for your family.

    • Thank you for commenting – I wonder if anyone reads the blog but nice to know you are!!

      daniel was a much different baby to emma, so I have found the need to be held constantly hard, especially as Daniel is still only a baby himself xx

  2. I found combination feeding worked well for me, up to a certain time. Mine was due to not being able to exclusively bf but it did allow me to bf in the first place which is better than none at all. X

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