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Slow weight gain

I posted yesterday about how Emma is gaining weight slowly…. quite a few people have asked me via twitter how things are so I thought I would post this short update.


My health visitor advised me to book into the GP to double check all is OK, and there isn’t any underlying issues. So, today we went along to the GP. I explained the situation and also that Daniel had been a slow gainer, despite being combination fed from birth. The doctor checked Emma over, asked me a few questions and agreed that, in her opinion all seems OK, she is alert and presented as settled and that she is, most likely, just a slow gainer. As she was a student Doctor she sought out the partner GP for his agreement, and he has advised that Emma needs to be checked over by the paediatric team. So, that referral is being sent today and I expect I will have an appointment soon for that.


I find the whole thing frustrating, and I will want to know what the paediatric Doctors will be doing…. if it’s a series of tests etc then I am not sure I want to go down that route…. I don’t think time spent attending Stepping Hill and having Emma subjected to numerous tests is going to help.


I then saw my Health Visitor who agreed that Emma seems healthy etc, and has asked that I continue to get her weighed at clinic each week so that her weight can be monitored. So, we will be there next Tuesday for the weigh in, it will be 11 days since her last weight check.


I’m no overly concerned about things, just more frustrated that we are now entering another set of monitoring. But, such is life.


Have you had experience of Paeidatric care for slow weight gain? What can we expect?


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