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Bump Watch – 39 Weeks….

So, at 39 weeks I’m almost there and it’s fair to say the baby could arrive at any time….. which is both scary and exciting.


39 Weeks (11) I feel surprisingly well, not as big and uncomfortable as I though I would do, and weirdly energetic, although I did read earlier in the week that its not uncommon to get a wave of energy at the end.


At my midwife check up today, all was normal in terms of blood pressure and urine checks, which is a huge relief given last time. The baby is 1/5 engaged but I’m trying not to obsess about that, I know it’s normal for them to engage later in a second pregnancy.


I find myself scouring the internet for signs of imminent labour beyond the obvious of slow contractions and waters breaking! Every twinge and niggle I wonder if this is things beginning… but nothing as yet. He or she will make her entrance as and when they’re ready. In the past week I have become increasingly convinced we are having a girl; I don’t know why and there is nothing to base it on at all – all the old wives tales would suggest I’m having a boy, but who knows. Time will tell!


I feel strangely cheated that I haven’t had any cravings in this or my previous pregnancy…. I find myself eating a lot of cheese at the moment and oddly wanting sugary drinks, which is very unlike me as I generally drink either fresh apple or orange juices or just water, but I did buy a bottle of fizzy apple stuff on Saturday (which of course sent the baby hyper with all that sugar!).


I am also weirdly relaxed about the state of the baby’s room… there is literally stuff everywhere but I’m not bothered by it. Perhaps because I know s/he will be in with his until August time.


the ‘nesting’ instinct  doesn’t appear to have set in yet either, although yesterday I did get myself weirdly obsessed about getting a Filofax – no idea why! I tend to have lots of notebooks and diaries about the place so maybe my nesting urge is to have a lovely filofax and keep everything in one place!! I really like this one in paperchase and this A5 one from paperchase, or, pushing the boat out this lovely raspberry A5 one. Weird the things you suddenly obsess about!




5 thoughts on “Bump Watch – 39 Weeks….

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  2. Get off Google! 😉 I find myself googling everything at the moment.. Am terrible!

    I cant believe you’re in a calm state over baby’s room, I keep freaking about ours. And if another person says it doesn’t matter because she wont be in it yet, I will scream.

    I never really had any cravings with my second! First and this time around but never last time. Maybe that means we wont have fussy eaters on our hands! 😉 X

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