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36 Weeks – Growth Scan

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, on Tuesday I had a growth scan and appointment with the consultant.


I was really anxious about this appointment as at the exact same stage of pregnancy with Daniel I developed pre-eclampsia. Cue a sleepless and restless night Monday and a rather subdued morning.

DSC_0569Thankfully, all appears fine. The baby is head down with its feet reaching across the right hand side of me. Blood pressure is well within normal range and I am protein free.


The baby’s growth is well within normal limits, towards the lower end of normal, however I did a lot of reading before hand and late pregnancy scans are notoriously inaccurate in terms of gauging weight etc of a baby, so I’m not going to think about that too much. My bump itself is measuring at the smaller end of normal, but then I am much smaller than the average person (my midwife told me that measurement charts are based on a 5’7 woman… I am 5’1…



So, after a lot of (needless!) worry, all appears to be fine, and now the countdown is on…  I will now just attend my community midwife for checkups, and on Monday I have an appointment with her to agree my birth ‘plan’ or preferences.


I have to say that the support I have had from the team looking after me has been excellent. I was clearly upset and anxious on Tuesday and the maternity assistant who I saw understood how I felt and sympathised with me, as did the Doctor I went on to see afterwards. I didn’t feel rushed or silly for worrying, and whilst they can’t set my mind completely at ease… I am still waiting for that protein to show up, I know that each day I remain healthy is a day closer to a safe birth and healthy baby. If I am unfortunate enough to develop pre-eclampsia again, I know it will be dealt with well.


So… so far so good 🙂



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