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Meal Planning Week 5 – 27 January

Last week’s meal plan…. well… I didn’t quite stick to it!  The plan for last week had been:

  • Monday – Cheesy Chops and Chips (not sure what I will have but will be a vege alternative, possibly cheese & onion pie or the veg lasagne left over from last week) – 101 one pot dishes
  • Tuesday – Spicy Potato Cakes with Salsa (Vege Nosh for students)
  • Wednesday – Toad in the Hole with Veg (will do half with vege sausages)
  • Thursday – Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognaise – again from the vege nosh for students book
  • Friday – Salmon with greens and Creme Fraiche – BBC Good food (here)

Monday I did – this went down really well although next time I will do some additional veg with it as it all looked a bit the same colour! My husband enjoyed it, and Daniel didn’t complain.


I swapped Tuesday and Wednesday around – I have to say the spicy potato cakes were a huge hit and the home made Salsa was delicious. I’m not usually a fan of Salsa as I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes but this was really nice and I will definitely use this recipe again.


Thursday and Friday didn’t happen. Friday because my husband wanted fish and chips, rather than salmon so I am doing the Salmon dish this evening (Sunday) and Thursday because, in all honesty, I was just too tired to cook a full meal from scratch so we all had a quick pasta using a jar of sauce.

This week’s meal plan is as follows:


Monday – Slow Cooker chicken casserole with dauphinoise potatoes – recipe from mumsnet

Tuesday – Shepherds Pie and Vege Shepherds Pie – I intend to make enough to freeze in preparation for the baby’s arrival

Wednesday – Cheese and Onion pie with new potatoes and veg

Thursday – Fajitas with sweet potato wedges and homemade dips

Friday – Fish and chips

I’m optimistic I will stick to it this week… but we will see!!


As ever, I have joined in with the Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday Linky – click the image below to see other great meal plans for this week.



4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Week 5 – 27 January

  1. I sometimes find it hard to stick to my meal plans too, if I dont have what I was supposed to have one day, then it can just be bunged in the freezer for another day 🙂

    The spicy potato cakes sound really nice. I love fajitas, they are on my menu plan this week to 🙂

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