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Bump Watch – 35 Weeks

So, I am now 35 weeks…. picture below

35 wEEKS (9)

Yesterday was the first day I have felt achey as I walked around, and this morning I decided to drive to the local shopping precinct rather than the shortish walk there. Whilst it’s not a long walk, there is a steep hill on the way back and after yesterday, I wasn’t sure I would be able to manage it complete with Daniel in pushchair and shopping! However I did get home and give the car a quick clean, so I would probably have managed the walk!


I’m not letting it slow me down though, and this morning have taken delivery of a sideboard for our front room; part of our plan to organise the space for Daniel and the new addition. Hopefully my husband will build that tonight and then tomorrow and Wednesday I can organize it etc. Last week was really productive in terms of getting done some of the things I wanted to do as per my 2014 ‘resolutions‘. I found time to make up a few bits and pieces, more on this later in the week and I am also up to date with my #postcircle and other #happymail letters. I might even get a bit of time for reading and cross stitching this week!


Last week I picked up Daniel’s new car seat, and wrote a post on it which generated a few comments and chatter on here and twitter. If you’ve not seen or read it, then why not take a look. It’s here.


In terms of prep for the new baby, nothing much left to do… hospital bags are packed, although I should probably do a double check that I have all I need, and next week I have a growth scan and check up with the consultant at the hospital. I think they are also hoping to write my birth plan at this appointment. I didn”t write a plan with Daniel, although the midwife who was looking after me attempted it whilst I was in labour! I’m not really big on birth plans, I don’t think you can plan it really. However I think it is useful to consider some things like what pain relief options you want, and to be aware of the side effects etc of taking them and how they impact on other choices. We will see what next week brings.


So…. 35 weeks and feeling healthy. Markedly different from this stage with Daniel when I was like a balloon (due to swelling) and feeling achey and sore and not at all able to walk around shopping for even 30 minutes. Hopefully things will remain positive for the next few weeks….. I can barely believe in two weeks time I will be considered ‘term’ and then it’s just  a waiting game.



6 thoughts on “Bump Watch – 35 Weeks

  1. I’m so impressed that you’ve packed your hospital bag! I’ve been meaning to but couldn’t find my maternity notes (!!!). Now that I’ve located them I guess I’ll be doing the same. I’m feeling the same – so much better in myself this time around. Hope you continue to feel good. You certainly look amazing. x

    • After last time I want to be ready! And thank you, I actually think I’ve thinned out since being pregnant and I’m all bump rather than weight gain anywhere else which is great 🙂

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