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Meal Planning Week 4 – 20 January

For a third week in a row, i managed to stick to my meal plan. The past week is a tough week as my husband works an unusual shift which means we eat separately. There was only Wednesday night when I found myself cooking for Daniel and I then again for Damian.

The plan for last week was:

  • Monday – Veg lasagne
  • Tuesday – Slow cooker beef & ale casserole (Schwartz packet mix I found in cupboard)
  • Wednesday – Rissotto
  • Thursday – Sausage casserole (slow cooker)
  • Friday – fish pie (freezer from week 1 plan)

I was really pleased with my veg lasagne, I sometimes find it to be a bit hit and miss, but this one tasted lovely and Daniel enjoyed it too. Plus it’s a good meal to reheat for when Damian got home. As an added bonus there is a portion in our freezer which I will probably have one evening in the next fortnight, or Daniel will have one Saturday.

The Slow Cooker Casserole on Tuesday went down well, and both Daniel and Damian enjoyed this – so much so that it was all eaten with none left to freeze, a rare occurrence when I use the slow cooker as I tend to make too much. This was a packet mix I must have bought a few months back, and is one I will have in the cupboard for when the new baby arrives – that way it is quick and easy and ensures that Daniel eats a good meal. I did spaghetti with garlic and butter for my dinner that evening.

Wednesday was Leek & Mushroom Risotto – using up mushrooms left over from Monday’s lasagne. I had to make this twice, once for Daniel and I and again for Damian. But it’s easy and quick to do and I could make Damian’s portion up whilst I was cleaning the kitchen and washing the pots.

Thursday was almost a disaster…. I put the stuff in the slow cooker but forgot to turn it on! It was only when I realised as I was making a drink that I couldn’t smell the food that I noticed I hadn’t turned it on! Thankfully it wasn’t too late so I put it on the high setting for four hours and it was fine.

This week’s meal plan is below… I’ve added our Saturday and Sunday plan in there too this week, usually Saturday is a takeaway or a Sainsburys/Asda curry and Sunday is a bit hit and miss, we sometimes go round to my parents for dinner, or if not I try to do a roast or cottage pie… this week I am planning mixed bean enchiladas.


Monday – Cheesy Chops and Chips (not sure what I will have but will be a vege alternative, possibly cheese & onion pie or the veg lasagne left over from last week) – 101 one pot dishes

Tuesday – Spicy Potato Cakes with Salsa (Vege Nosh for students)

Wednesday – Toad in the Hole with Veg (will do half with vege sausages)

Thursday – Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognaise – again from the vege nosh for students book

Friday – Salmon with greens and Creme Fraiche – BBC Good food (here)

I’ve not made Mondays, Tuesdays or Thusrday’s meals before, so looking forward to doing those. I’m also planning to make a banana and apple loaf tomorrow or Tuesday all being well. That one is taken from the Tana Ramsey book.

I have also added in a picture above of my handwritten meal plan… I have a special meal planning notebook…. I do love a good list 🙂

As ever, I have joined in with the Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday Linky – click the image below to see other great meal plans for this week.



8 thoughts on “Meal Planning Week 4 – 20 January

  1. Lasagne is always a hit here, both the boys love it.
    Phil works late evenings seveal times a week meaning i end up cooking 2 meals, i tend to be lazy though and get something i can easily throw in the oven for us! x

    • I love a good lasagne. Daniel can be funny sometimes with peppers, but he are them last week which was good. They’re one of the few foods he refuses, the other being cauliflower and sprouts!

      I find I do wow meals most nights as I’m vegetarian so tend to plan the boys’ meal then adapt it for me. The slow cooker is a god send though when Damian working late as I can just leave it on the warm setting so when Damian comes in, it’s ready.

      I’m sure that will all fall away though once the new baby is here, we will be eating stuff from the freezer, which I am rapidly trying to fill so at least Daniel is eating well!!

    • Thank you Kirsty, quite a lot of people have commented to say a similar thing so it seems I may have to dedicate a blog post to these spicy potato cakes! I just hope they turn out ok!

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