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BumpWatch – 34 Weeks

Today I hit the 34 weeks mark….



As my husband pointed out this morning…. I’m looking big! I think I am bigger at this stage than I was when Daniel was delivered at 37+3 weeks (pic below taken 3 days before he was born)




It’s hard to compare though – with Daniel I had significant swelling from around 12ish weeks, and in the end developed pre-eclampsia – I was mostly fluid. This time, there is no swelling  and second baby’s are always bigger… time will tell though!

I am feeling good, although I don’t think I realised how quickly I tire. On Friday I met a friend for lunch and yesterday I spent a couple of hours in Manchester before meeting a friend for a coffee –  today I am exhausted. It doesn’t help that Daniel seems to have hit a bit of a sleep regression and all week has been waking at around 4:30am, he only talks to himself, but that on top of getting up to go to the loo every few hours means I am suffering from a lot of broken sleep! However, on the whole I can’t complain as I feel surprisingly good, and everyone comments how well I am looking. I just hope things continue in the same vein!

Things are starting to come together… I have packed my hospital bag and we have the set of drawers in the baby’s room – I just need to dig out and wash Daniel’s newborn stuff. The living room should be more or less finished next week when the new sideboard arrives, so we have more storage in there for Daniel’s toys and books – I created a little reading and play corner for him and so far he is really enjoying it, and engaging with all his toys, rather than the same handful he was before.


I wrote in this post about wanting to do a few crafty bits and I have a couple of things to make, including a cushion cover for Daniel’s story cushion and a blanket for the new baby, I really should aim to do these in the next week or so.


Tomorrow I am at the midwife, then we will head to playgroup and then we have a reasonably quiet week – Daniel has started walking this week so at some stage, possibly next Sunday, we will head to get him some shoes so we can explore the outside world on foot – exciting!


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