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Bumpwatch – 33+1 Weeks

Today I am 33+1 weeks….

33+1 Weeks (9)

I’m feeling well, and I’m pretty sure that after new years eve the baby is now the right way round (ie: no longer back to back). I’m aching in the night and the past couple of nights I’ve needed to get up more often to nip to the loo…. I think I’m running out of space!


On Saturday evening we hosted a party, and I probably over did it a little as Sunday I was shattered and felt a little sickly in the morning. However, a nice restful day and an afternoon bath sorted me out.


Today I have been busy finally sorting out the stuff we need to move out of the spare room. I have set up a play corner in out front room for all Daniel’s things, it’s important that he has a space of his own downstairs for when I am sat feeding the baby. In other exciting news, he took his first steps today. He did take his first proper step on 10 December, but he finally walked a decent stretch today, so I am sure over the next two weeks we will see him gain even more confidence…. which I am sure will see me even more tired!


I am at the midwife next on Monday 13th, then back to the hospital on the 28th for another growth scan, and I suppose I should begin to think about birth plans soon!


2 thoughts on “Bumpwatch – 33+1 Weeks

  1. I can’t believe you’re 33 weeks already!! I feel for you with the tiredness, I remember what it was like when I was pregnant with Alex at the same time as running after Seb, it can be hard work. Take care of yourself. Emma xx

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