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Meal Planning Week 2 – 6 January

So, after my initial meal plan for last week, I thought I would review if I stuck to the plan, how the food turned out and my plans for the coming week.

My plan for last week was:

  • Monday – chicken breast with red lentil sauce (from Tana Ramsey’s book)
  • Tuesday – we are at a New Year’s Eve party so will eat there, Daniel will have either pasta or beans on toast.
  • Wednesday – roast dinner with a sticky gingerbread for dessert (taken from the busy mums cookbook)
  • Thursday – spicy bean and potato chilli (from the busy mums vegetarian cookbook)
  • Friday – fish pie (from Tana Ramsey’s book).

I also planned to make a couple of snacky type things over the last week and this forthcoming week including

  • a banana and apple loaf
  • oatmeal and cranberry biscuits
  • honey, apricot and cranberry flapjacks.

On Saturday we hosted a mini retirement party for my parents and my plan was to make some lasagnes (veg and meat options) and some other bits and pieces too.

So, how did I do?

Well, Monday I did make the Tana Ramsey chicken breast with red lentil sauce- The receipie was easy enough to follow, although I am not sure how much of a winner it was. My husband and son ate it, but I don’t think it will be a regular request!

Tuesday was New Year’s Eve. Daniel had beans on toast and I made a lovely Cheese and Onion pie for the party we went to, using this recipe… It was really easy to make and tasted lovely. I even had enough of the filling left over to make an individual pie which is now in the freezer.

On New Years Day I had planned to make a roast dinner, however my husband was at Old Trafford for a 17:30 game so I decided to do Daniel scrambled eggs and Damian and I ate a quick tea from the freezer when he got home.

Thursday then became roast dinner day, and Friday fish pie.

I also managed to make my ginger cake, although it isn’t very sticky, despite it’s name and the oatmeal and cranberry biscuits which have gone down really well with Daniel so they will be ones to make again!

This meant that I didn’t do the bean and potato chilli I had planned, so that is being pushed into this weeks meal plan instead.

On Saturday we hosted a small family party for my parents who have retired over christmas. I made a meat lasagne (recipie from the busy mums cook book) and a cheese and onion pie, see here for recipie. They both went down really well, the pie in particular. I was really pleased with the pie as it is so quick and easy to make and is a great dish for the family.

This week’s meal plan looks like this:

Monday – bean and potato chilli – from the busy mums cookbook

Tuesday – jacket potato with bolognese for Daniel and cheese for me

Wednesday – slow cooker beef casserole, taken from another meal planners blog! See here for details

Thursday – some sort of pasta, will probably use up any vegetables we still have

Friday – fish and chips

This will be a cheap shopping week for us as I already have Mondays ingredients in, Tuesday I just need to get some potatoes, Wednesday will just be the veg as already have beef in the freezer and Thursday will be using up any veg left from Monday and Wednesday meals.



8 thoughts on “Meal Planning Week 2 – 6 January

    • It’s quite a good little book. Lots of practical ideas in it. I haven’t looked all the way through it yet but have already highlighted a good few recipes I want to try out.

      My son is only 14 months and to be fair, he will eat anything! The only thing he isn’t keen on is cauliflower and peppers, but pretty much everything else I give him he will eat.


    • thank you, I thought it would prompt me to think about whether I would do the meals again etc as I am using a lot of new recipes from birthday and Christmas gift cook books xx

    • We had it this evening and it was really nice. My 14 month old wasn’t too impressed with it though, even though I had made it quite mild. Definitely one to do again in the future xx

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