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A – Z of Me… A is for…

I saw this idea on the Hundred Acre Farm blog and thought it was brilliant… so I am going to do the same thing.


My intention is to post every two weeks, so that should take me to the end of the year (52 weeks and 26 letters)…. there may be a slight delay when Baby 2 arrives but we will see…


So, let me begin.



Always Busy – I feel like I have a never ending list of things I want to do… maybe I’m in the nesting phase of pregnancy now? Who knows. I do however know that I am writing this from what will be the baby’s bedroom, yet it is still full of things that need sorting through! I know I have a blanket I want to make, and some other things for me before the baby arrives. Not to mention sorting out the living room so that I have a comfortable space to sit and feed the new addition whilst still ensuring I can engage with Daniel as he plays. I feel like I have so much to do and not enough time.


AnimCAPSals -I am a huge believer in being compassionate to animals, and I have blogged on the issue here. I support the Captive Animals’ Protection Society amongst other animals rights charities and support local pet rescue centres and the such.





homeland American TV Dramas – We are currently working our way through Homeland, having previously watched Mad Men and VEEP – both of which we really enjoyed. After Homeland we will probably start on Breaking Bad… which my brother and cousin tells me we will really enjoy. We watch very little TV, so tend to focus on box sets that we can slowly work our way through.


Are there any other TV series’ we should be looking at?



And, finally… given the choice, I would always choose a nice cool glass of Apple Juice to drink… Love it 🙂





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