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(Belated) Bumpwatch – 32+1 Weeks

Here is my bump picture, taken on Monday when I reached 32+1 weeks


32+1 Weeks (5)

If you follow me on Instagram (@MrsSBurns) then you will be aware that since around 11/12 I had the most awful cold. At one point I was convinced I had flu. I have felt truly awful, complete lack of appetite, lethargic and exhaust. Thankfully after a Sunday evening trip to my local walk in centre the Doctor confirmed that there wasn’t any infection and I am now feeling tons better.


At my last midwife appointment, 31 weeks, the baby was back to back, most probably caused by me spending the best part of two weeks slumped on the sofa. However I am convinced that over the past two days s/he has moved back round. I have had a couple of days of some really strong and persistent movements, and yesterday had to stop whilst in the supermarket as the movement made me feel very very sick!


I had been really uncomfortable much of yesterday afternoon, but I put it down to being tired – I hadn’t slept much the previous night – however I just couldn’t get comfortable last night and can only describe a feeling of pressure surrounding my bump and an odd pain in my back – I wouldn’t have been surprised to find myself going into labour. I was quite upset at bedtime – tiredness and lack of comfort being the main contributer and an hour later I was back and being quite badly sick – but as soon as I’d finished being sick the pressure feeling was gone and the back pain gone too and I thankfully slept soundly. I can only think that the baby had turned and had upset something in me. Has any one else had a similar feeling?


On Christmas Eve I also took delivery of a competition prize – courtesy of Kiran at the mummysays blog. I have been after one of these pillows for a while, but instead was making do with numerous cushions. It has made such a difference – I am so impressed with it. I had been really achey getting up in the night but this pillow really helps support my hips and bump and help relieve some of those aches and pains. I am a convert!!


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