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Meal Planning…. My New Years resolution

I used to be really good at planning our meals for the week ahead, particularly when I was working full time. but in recent months it seems to have lapsed somewhat.

When the new baby arrives time will be in even shorter supply so it is important that I am organised where I can be! I also need to better ensure that Daniel is receiving a good balance of food, his meals are all home cooked but sometimes I find myself wondering what to serve up and I worry that I have become lazy, relying on too many old favourites such as meatballs, cottage pie etc.

So…. With that in mind my 2014 resolution is to try to plan the majority of our meals. This is also in part a bid to reduce our food costs. We don’t waste a huge amount of food, but we do waste some so I want to make better use of the food I am buying and also freeze meals for those lazy days when making a meal from scratch is tough!

So…. My meal plan for the forthcoming week is below, complete with my shopping list.


Monday – chicken breast with red lentil sauce (from Tana Ramsey’s book)

Tuesday – we are at a New Year’s Eve party so will eat there, Daniel will have either pasta or beans on toast.

Wednesday – roast dinner with a sticky gingerbread for dessert (taken from the busy mums cookbook)

Thursday – spicy bean and potato chilli (from the busy mums vegetarian cookbook)

Friday – fish pie (from Tana Ramsey’s book).

I also plan to make a couple of snacky type things over the next fortnight including a banana and apple loaf, oatmeal and cranberry biscuits and some honey, apricot and cranberry flapjacks. These will be great to pop into Damian’s lunch for work and will also act as a few different snack options for Daniel and I in the day.

On Saturday 4th January, we are hosting a mini retirement party for my parents who both retired recently, I plan to make some lasagnes (veg and meat options) and some other bits and pieces too….. I just hope I’m not over stretching myself! Having said that I am looking forward to starting to include Daniel in cooking and baking. Both Damian and I are really keen for our children to grow up with an understanding of how our food is produced and how to cook.

Have you set any New Years resolutions? Do you I plan your meals, and if so have you any tips for me?


10 thoughts on “Meal Planning…. My New Years resolution

  1. I really want to start planning my week’s meals this year too as I also struggle to feel that i’m giving my little girl (20 months) a varied enough diet. I love the sound of your choices.

    • Thanks Corina, I used to be really good at planning when I was working full time. I find now I am at home I leave it until the last minute then cobble something together!

      I was bought a few new cook books for my birthday and Christmas so want to work my way through those, hence the Tana Ramsey meals this week! I intend to write a bit about how I got on with each of the meals too….. if I get round to it!

  2. I have a recipe for a ginger syrup loaf cake which is really quick and easy to make (you don’t even need a to mess with a food processor so it also saves on the washing up)
    and tastes fab, I will send you the recipe.

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