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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We always put our tree up ‘late’. Personally I don’t think it’s that late but in a world where trees and decorations seem to be up by 1 December, I guess we are a little late.


My birthday is mid- December, so we always wait and put the tree up the weekend after, or around the 14/15 December. This year we had a bit of a problem going to choose the tree as my husband was working over the weekend we wanted to go and then was working funny shifts in work the following week. It was therefore left to me to source the tree.


Last Sunday I collected a tree and brought it home. When my hubby was home we put it up and put the lights on, but we were both so tired we left it there, planning to decorate the next night. As you may have read in this post I’ve been really under the weather this week and have been going to bed once Daniel has gone down for the night, so the tree has remained as was, with just the lights on.


Last night we FINALLY had the energy to put the rest of the decorations on and to decorate our fireplace. I love our fireplace – it is one of the things that attracted us to the house. We are lucky that are living room is a good size and we have a huge marble fireplace with a woodburner. I think it really makes a a central figure for our front room, and lots of people comment on how grand it looks. The decor in the room is still as the previous owners had it, and isn’t especially to my tastes, but I think our fire place looks lovely all lit up with lights and candles…


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If you follow me on Instagram (@MrsSBurns) then there are lots more pictures of the fire place and decorations – I love lighting the fire and candles, switching the lights off and cosying up 🙂


Have you got that Christmas feeling yet?




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