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#Bumpwatch – 30 weeks

This is a very belated bumpwatch! I did take the pics on Sunday, but I have been so poorly all week that I have only just posted today!


30Weeks (7)

As I wrote earlier in the week, it has felt like a long week, and I was convinced on Monday evening that I had fly – cue me panicking about being admitted to hospital (of course I’d end up with a severe chest infection and pneumonia) and all I could think was that I haven’t yet wrapped the Christmas gifts!! It’s funny what our minds do to us. Thankfully I have been getting better each day, and today I just feel very tired. Lots of early nights have been the trick.


With Daniel’s pregnancy I never felt unwell until right at the end when I had a slight chest infection (and then developed pre eclampsia) but in this pregnancy I seem to catch every cough, cold and sniffle in the world! I guess that is also because I am with Daniel at playgroups and lots of small children with developing immune systems means lots of coughs and colds are around. I just hope I don’t get one near due date, I genuinely don’t think I could labour with a cold like this!


It is strange that I am not almost 31 weeks, it still feels like an eternity away, but I know once Christmas and New Year have passed, and I reach 33/34 weeks then it becomes more and more of a waiting game – and more and more real!! I am worried about labour, more so than last time.


My midwife told me I will be OK because I know what to expect, but in some ways I don’t – Daniel’s labour and birth was all managed for me from the security of the hospital – I didn’t have to make a judgement about when to call a midwife, how far along I might be etc, I was carefully monitored. Second labours are usually shorter (apparently) which also worries me – I was three hours with Daniel – what if my husband isn’t home? What if he doesn’t get back in time or what if I don’t make it to the hospital (for various reasons I don’t think I will get a home birth agreed). Again, it’s strange the things I worry about!!


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