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When being a mum is tough

I’m finding my life as a stay at home mum tough today.

I’m this pregnancy I seem very susceptible to coughs and colds. Daniel has been under the weather with a cold since last Wednesday, and I started with it on Thursday. I feel like I am constantly sniffling, coughing etc.

Today I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I ache, I’m feverish, shivering, no appetite what so ever, tired and lethargic and lacking any inspiration of what to do to keep Daniel entertained.

Thankfully, he took an early nap which meant we missed playgroup. Usually playgroups are a lifeline but I really couldn’t face 90 minutes today, especially as it was Christmas party day. I feel like an awful mum but I know i would have been less than engaged with the day.

In my dreams, I want to drink lemsip, get a hot bath and stay in bed whilst my husband brings me toast. In reality I have to be up at 645 with Daniel, sort his meals, engage him in activities, read to him and comfort him when he remembers he too doesn’t feel well.

All around me I can see the mountain of jobs that need doing… A tree to decorate birthday gifts to tidy away, present to wrap, washing up to do, ironing to sort, meals to prepare. It’s hard and I wish I could phone in sick. I feel like I’m letting Daniel down by not giving him the day he needs, we should be out for a walk getting fresh air, getting fresh fruit and veg and going to playgroup.

Instead, I find myself counting down the hours to bedtime and enjoying those couple of hours we snuck a little snooze earlier.



6 thoughts on “When being a mum is tough

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry! To be sick with a little one is such a challenge, and to be pregnant on top of it? Yuck! I hope you rest well tonight and feel a little bit better tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Oh no, poor you… hope you feel much better before Christmas! My little one has been sick too and has in turn gotten me sick, and it’s no fun in searing heat (I’m in Adelaide and it was 43 degrees yesterday). It’s harder on your cos you’re preggers too. Do take care and drink lots! Things will get better..

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