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Bump Watch – 29 Weeks

Yesterday saw me reach the 29 week mark…


29 Weeks (7)


I’m now beginning to feel the extra weight and am increasingly achey in the evening time. The baby is head down now, and following the growth scan on Tuesday everything is right in the middle of ‘normal’. I am back at the local midwife today for a catch up and my whooping cough injection. I’m not sure how regular my appointments will be from here on in, I know they want to see me more regularly than perhaps they would to check for any pre-eclampsia indicators, so I will have to wait and see.


I am back at the hospital towards the end of January for a final growth scan at 36 weeks.


Still don’t have any inklings as to whether we are having a boy or a girl…. with Daniel I was always so sure but this time I haven’t a clue!


2 thoughts on “Bump Watch – 29 Weeks

  1. You look fantastic! Love baby bump pics. 😀
    So, you’re one of the patient mums who can actually wait until the birth to find out the gender?! You’re stronger than I! 😉

    • Thank you. I have my 30 weeks picture to post when I feel to landing my pictures onto the PC.

      We didn’t know with our son what we were having and didn’t want to know this time either.

      With Daniel I always thought he’d be a boy, but this time I have no idea!

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