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Postcrossing – my first cards sent!

My first postcrossing cards went out today….


They went to the Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, Germany and the USA. I don’t, at the moment, have a huge selection of postcards, but I tried to choose from the ones that I had cards that matched the interests of the recipients.

I had someone how liked sketches, so I sent the card with the early Pigling Bland sketches, another lady liked cats, hence the tom kitten postcard. Another liked old images, and the other didn’t really specify, so I sent the rabbits one which reminded me of the weather here today and I liked the quirky characters on the final one.

I can’t wait until they are received and logged by their recipients, and I’m even more excited for my first cards to arrive. One of the ladies I sent to ha sent in excess of 1400 cards so is quite the post crosser!!

To learn more about postcrossing visit http://www.postcrossing.com but basically you create a profile, and request up to five people to send your cards to. If the person has filled in their profile you will have some info about what sort of things they like, and if they collect a particular type of card. You are given a reference number to write on the card.

When the card is received, the recipient logs the reference number on the postcrossing site and then you become eligible for a card to be sent to you, and you can then send more cards.

The maps on the site are fascinating, and who doesn’t enjoy receiving nice post? I will be now looking for plenty of postcards to add to my stationery stash 🙂

Have you had any nice post lately, or are you also signed up to postcrossing?


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