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I’m a #PostCircle Sparrow!

I wrote a short while ago about how I was taking up letter writing again, following a conversation I’d come across on twitter.


Since that post I was so pleased to see that the lovely Anna had re-opened PostCircle – see here for more info. I sent in my survey and earlier this week was allocated to the ‘Sparrow’ group.


I’ve already written and posted my first letter, so that should hopefully be with my fellow sparrow by the weekend.


photo 1

As Daniel decided to do an extra long, three hour nap, yesterday I took the opportunity to catch up on some more letters… writing a total of four.


photo 2

Each one different and off to a different corner, one to the US, one to Scotland and two to Suffolk. I hope the recipients enjoy them! It’s always lovely to receive a letter in the post, to sit down, with a cup of tea knowing that someone took the time to sit and write to you. I also enjoy seeing the different stationery that everyone uses too!


I have signed up to two swap on Instagram (I’m @mrssburns), one is a stationery swap and I’m in the middle of buying bits and pieces for that one, I’m almost done. The second is a ‘cosy night in’ swap. I think I have everything for that one now… and I’m planning to wrap and parcel it all this weekend, ready to post for the reveal on 19th October. This will be the first postal swap I’ve participated in, so I hope the recipient likes their package! I’m really excited to receive mine. I will write more on these two in due course…


2 thoughts on “I’m a #PostCircle Sparrow!

    • It really is great, it’s nice to have the excuse to sit and write, it makes you think a lot more about what you’re saying etc.

      Email, facebook etc are great, but instantaneous communication makes us lazy in some ways, I think.

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