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Second time round

I remember in my first pregnancy I knew the minute anyone asked me how many weeks and days I was, how I was feeling, how big the baby was etc. This time round I have to pause and remember how many weeks I am, and my stock response to how I am feeling is always ‘tired’.

I had awful bouts of tiredness with Daniel, and I remember at the time telling my husband that my level of tiredness was indescriable… I thought I’d remembered that feeling but no. Nothing prepares you for the complete and utter exhaustion. I have literally fallen asleep at the table before now and spent much of Sunday asleep either on the floor or the sofa – madness.

I do, however feel slightly better the past couple of days, so wonder if I’m now edging out of that tiredness phase? I’m sure the mini whirlwind which is Daniel is contributing to that tiredness too!!

I feel achey this time round. With Daniel he was lay across me (left to right) until around 30 ish weeks, and I remember the midwife told me I would know when he moved as I’d have pain in my hips. She was right! For two or three days I had the most awful pain in my hips and back as he shuffled himself into a head down position. This time round my legs and hips ache. It’s only when I wake up but they ache none the less. I probably need to look into cushions of some sort – I didn’t have a maternity pillow with Daniel so any recommendations greatly received!!

I am more anxious this time around; with Daniel I assumed all would be OK and it went wrong at the end…. I think this time I am assuming things will go wrong… so maybe they won’t!

Either way, I will be happy to get the 20 week scan out of the way and know that all is OK – and of course hit that halfway point!


One thought on “Second time round

  1. I still remember the tiredness second time around, I didn’t know what had hit me and having a baby still I could barely function! I hope the next few weeks get easier as it is usually around this bit that you get that burst of energy. x

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