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The little things that make me smile

If you follow me on twitter, (@MsSBurns) then you will probably have noticed that over the bank holiday weekend I was suffering a little from toothache.

Turns out I have an infected wisdom tooth. I’m reluctant to take painkillers as I’m pregnant, and really don’t like taking medication unless absolutely necessary whilst the baby is in such early stages of its growth and development. As the pain wasn’t totally unbearable, I decided to sit it out and wait until I could get some antibiotics prescribed.

So, yesterday I saw my dentist who prescribed a weeks worth of antibiotics. Hopefully it will clear the infection. My tooth and gum is pretty sore and the antibiotics I’m taking make me feel sick so at the moment I have to say I’m feeling pretty fed up with things.

To add to that, I’m really not sleeping well at all at the moment. I seem to be in the full swings of pregnancy insomnia. It’s driving me mad, I must have had two-three hours last night. My sleeping is very broken and when I am awake my body feels restless and tense.

So, after a through miserable few days its been lovely to receive some nice post!


This first one came yesterday and look what was inside…. Instructions and a mini macramé kit!


I think it will be weekend time before I have the energy and the time to have a go at this new craft… However the macramé that @Meanyjar has shown on twitter and Instagram is lovely, so I can’t wait to have a go!

The second lot of nice posts arrived today… Beautiful paper on the letter and a lovely book to review for this blog 🙂


So, after feeling a bit fed up for the past few days, it’s lovely to have a couple of bits of nice post to make me smile.


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