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Bump Watch – Week 14

So, I’m now 14 weeks pregnant. I feel like the bump growth is starting to slow, although looking back at last weeks’ picture maybe it is growing at a pace!! I am no longer feeling quite as nauseous as I did earlier on which is good, but am aching and having some very vivid, and weird, dreams.


14 Weeks

14 Weeks

This week saw me meeting with a consultant for an old medical complaint. It is right and proper that they are monitoring me, but I had to be quite strong in asserting that I did not feel it necessary that I was being monitored by both the ante-natal team and the ‘normal’ team. To be fair, the two consultants I saw agreed, so my care will be lead by the ante-natal team for now, reverting back to him once the baby is born. Having said that I now have two appointments, on the same day, with two different consultants, so need to sort that out when I see them in October.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’m feeling lots aches and finding it incredibly difficult to sleep at night. My mind feels very active and I am finding it hard to shut off. I had insomnia towards to end of my last pregnancy, so it feels a little early for it to be kicking in now! When I do sleep, I have some very vivid, and odd, dreams. I remember the bizarre dreams from my last pregnancy, but again these have started earlier.

But, all in all, nothing really to grumble at. All seems to be going OK! My husband is off work this coming week so that will make things easier with our inquisitive 10 month old.


2 thoughts on “Bump Watch – Week 14

  1. Oooh, we must be due a similar time then! I had very very vivid dreams when I was pregnant with Daniel, but that was much much later on. It is odd to have them so early, well for me at least!

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