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Bump Watch – 13 weeks

Yesterday marked week 13…..

#bumpwatch at 13 weeks

#bumpwatch at 13 weeks

I think my bump is looking big, and people keep telling me just how big I look – which is of course what every pregnant woman wants to hear!


I’m more or less over the nausea and sickness, although every now and then there is something that will turn my stomach! We went out on Saturday night with friends, and I was quite poorly when we got home. We had gone for curry, and I purposely chose quite a mild, non tomato based one – tomatoes make me quite sick when pregnant with Daniel, yet when we got back I felt terrible… I hope it was just one of those things as I love curry and don’t want to give that up for the next few months!!


Next challenge is to find a dress suitable for a wedding that we are going to in less that five weeks’ time. We also have a christening to attend the next day, but as that is less formal I have a nice tea dress I can wear to that one, that I worse for Daniel’s baptism when he was six weeks old.  I ordered some dresses from ASOS last week, but none of them are right, one of them drowns me and the other two just don’t suit me, or make me look huge. Any hints or tips on where to look?


3 thoughts on “Bump Watch – 13 weeks

  1. Have you tried New Look? They sometimes have some nice maternity bits in.
    My bump was huge with Alex, it came so early but he was only 7lb 13 so not huge when born.

    • I’ve had a look in the two new looks near me, but didn’t see anything I thought was dress enough for a wedding, ordered in the end from the sale section of seraphine, and it’s arrived today, so will try on this evening and see what they’re like. 🙂

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