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We Love to Read

One of the things I have been really keen to do is to foster a love of reading in Daniel.


My husband and I have read to him since a very young age, and he already, at nine months, recognizes his books.


His favourite book at the moment is ‘Say hello to the animals’ and all I have to do is recite the opening lines of ‘Cock a doodle do…. ready, steady, off we go…’ and he will turn to me and begin to bounce.

I love everything about this book, it is very well illustrated with lovely bold pictures that a small child can see and interact with. The story follows a dog who walks around the farm, saying hello to the various animals. The story rhymes so it is nice and easy to read and Daniel really enjoys listening to it. He will crawl across to stroke the pages and is beginning to help me turn them.



I do a lot of sign language with Daniel so this is a great one for signing the animals and of course, waving hello and Daniel is beginning to make some of the animal noises back to me.


Daniel adores this book and likes to touch the pages. He is beginning to point to the various animals, and its great to reinforce which animal it is, and the noise that animal makes.


The ‘Say Hello’ series is a big winner in our house!



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