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Our Great Adventure #2

So, continuing in with Fiona Peacock’s #greatadventure blogs… Daniel and I (along with his grandad) pooped off to our local county park today.


Etherow is a lovely place. A large area to walk around, and somewhere I remember well from my own childhood.  In my post last week I mentioned that I was hoping to order a new carrier for Daniel. Today exemplified exactly why a carrier will be great. We fed the ducks and geese and Daniel was mesmerized by them and their quacking and waddling. As he was in his pushchair – I just can’t carry him safely and securely in the Moby wrap anymore, he wasn’t able to get as close to them as I would have liked him to. I took him out of the pushchair and knelt down with him, but once he is in the new carrier (I ordered an Ergo yesterday) trips like this will be tons easier.


Anyhow, as I said, we fed the ducks – well Daniel watched his grandad and I feeding the ducks 🙂



and Daniel just loved it. They were quite noisy, and I guess it must be a bit strange to see a creature which is as big (and in the case of the geese much bigger!!) than you, but he wasn’t at all bothered by them, not even when one of the geese got a bit too close and nipped his Grandad!!


It was a lovely walk around the park, we got to see lots of ducklings and some moorhen chicks which was lovely. Sadly we didn’t see any swans or goslings – Etherow has for many years had at least two or three pairs of swans, but on the walks I have taken there recently I haven’t seen them. I wonder why? It was also a bit strange to see parts of Etherow overgrown with weeds and long grass. For as long as my dad and I can remember it has always been a well maintained park, but there was a slight air of neglect there today.


Anyhow… whilst we were walking it started to rain, but Daniel isn’t bothered – we have often strolled around Etherow in the rain and a couple of times in the snow. Its lovely and very peaceful. I am looking forward to taking him to the large weir at the top end of the park – it’s important for him to understand the way the weir was used and how Manchester fits into the history of the industrial revolution.


I’m hoping that my new Ergo arrives next week and that Daniel and I can check out some of the local woodland, I am hoping to take him to Chadkirk and possibly Redbrow Woods – I’ve never been to Redbrow Woods before so keen to give it a go.


If you want to take part in the #greatadventure blog challenge – see Fiona’s post here for more info.


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