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A new adventure….

When I found out I was pregnant, I always knew, deep down, that a return to work was unlikely. This was for many reasons – primarily I don’t believe that my job is do-able on a parttime basis and I didn’t want to feel the constant conflict between letting my son and husband down and letting my work colleagues down.


Both my husband and I grew up with a parent at home all the time – and this is something we are keen to replicate for our son. In some ways I have been lucky in that a redundancy option has come along half way through my maternity leave – it’s almost a no brainer. The money that I will receive in redundancy will allow for me to stay at home with my boy for a while. This feels like the right decision for our family right now. It will be tough, I am sure, to halve our family income. However the richness of life with Daniel is more than worth this small sacrifice.


However, in a bid to keep myself busy and have a little bit of work that keeps me occupied away from Daniel (who is, of course a VERY full time job!) I have set up a little business selling handmade items. I’d really like it if you could take a minute of two to have a look…

I am on Facebook here

Folksy here

I have a blog set up here and a twitter feed here


thank you and wish me luck!




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