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Returns policy?

My baby appears to have malfunctioned.

He is still cute and the such, but the overnight sleep function seems to have broken.

It was working fine for about eight weeks but seems to have completely failed now. Wake ups start at 10pm and continue hourly.

Any tips? Or do I need to search out the returns policy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Returns policy?

  1. It’s so funny you should mention this. I asked the hospital about their returns policy last time I was there for the very same reason! Our little girl slept really well for about the first 12 weeks. She’d wake up 2 or 3 times for feeds but would be done and dusted and off to la la land within 20 minutes each time. For the last 3 weeks she’s been waking between 1 and 3, then taking around an hour to feed, another half hour to put back down, and waking hourly after that, taking half an hour to settle each time, meaning I was only getting half an hours sleep at a time myself. A couple of nights ago she only took an hour to feed and put down, then stayed asleep till morning. The next night she actually slept right through from 9.30 till 6.15! Last night she woke at 3.15 and took 1hr45mins and a nappy change to get back down, but then slept till 6.45.

    Why the great detail here? I suppose I want to show you it does get better. No doubt we’ll have our ups and downs, but after 2 weeks of hourly waking I was terrified she’d formed a pattern that would last for years. Now I know it’s not every night, I’m taking one night at a time, and I feel soooo much better for it! Good luck tonight 🙂

    • I’m sure he will get there, and it will help when he is in his own room soon. Just frustrating in the meantime – especially when we are so tired!

      Thank you for commenting xx

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