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A week in the life… Tuesday

So, continuing my week in the life blog posts today I’ll write about what we get up to on a Tuesday.


Tuesday is the day when we don’t have any formal groups to go to. I tend to take Daniel’s lead on a Tuesday and we spend longer in bed, talking, reading and singing. I’ll leave him in his crib whilst I shower and get ready then we head downstairs for breakfast. We will do some tummy time or play with the toys from his sensory basket and then head out for a few hours. If its a nicee day then we head to Etherow Park or Heaton Park, and in the summer months I am hoping to head to Hollingworth Lake with him too.


I take a bottle of water for me, and a book as invariably during our walk Daniel falls asleep! I then find a bench and have a half hour read. I really enjoy this part of the week – places such as Etherow are often really busy at the weekend so it is nice to be able to enjoy them when they’re much quieter. If I have met up with a friend then we might head for a coffee, if not then I will head home, stopping to pick up food for the evenings meal if needed.


If the weather is less nice then we might head to do a few jobs such as the food shopping (Daniel gets REALLY excited going around the supermarket!) or we might head to Stockport if I need to get some birthday gifts etc.


Once home we do lots of singing and talking and I will get on with the ironing whilst Daniel watches and plays with his wooden spoon and whisk. He usually falls asleep anytime between 3 and 4pm so at that point I will try and get the evening meal prepped and get any washing etc into the machine.


Once my husband is home anytime between5 and 6 he takes over. If it’s bath night then Daniel has a long bath around 6:15. He really enjoyed splashing around in the bath! He will then go to bed around 7pm and my husband and I will catch up on the days events.


So, Tuesdays are quiet in our house – how about you?


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