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A week in the life – Monday

So, I posted a week ago about a typical week for Daniel and I… partly because I’d like to share what we do each day. but also to see what other mums do with their little ones.


So, first up is Monday.


Mondays are a fun day, we gt up around 7am and Daniel is always in a great mood. We have a sing whilst we are getting ready and Daniel sits in his high chair with me whilst I eat my breakfast (I want to get him interested in food ahead of weaning in a few weeks).


He then settles for a short morning snooze around 09:30 and has a feed around 11ish. We then take a short stroll to our local Children’s Centre for ‘Gigglers & Wigglers’.


This is a really fun, laid back group run by a mum. The first session 12:15 – 13:15 is for 0-6 months, then the next session is 6 – 12 mths. We are in the first session for the next few weeks. Its a really good opportunity for local mums to meet and to talk about any local offers/bargains etc and to ask questions and share advice.  We then sing nursery rhymes with accompanying sign language and then there is a story at the end. Daniel really enjoys this group as he is beginning to enjoy the songs more and more now (I’ll be writing a separate post in a week or so about signing and singing).


After this group has ended we take a walk either to the local supermarket or just to the shopping precinct. I’ll pick up some fresh fruit and veg and food for the evening meal and have a wander round the shops picking up anything we might need. If its a nice day, Daniel and I will sit in the little square and I’ll have a drink and we will have a little chat. Whenever we go into the greengrocer I always show Daniel what I’m buying and tell him the name of the item, I know he doesn’t know that the banana is a banana, but I think repeating things to him consistently is a good thing to do.

We will then wander on back home, by which point Daniel is sound asleep, and I prep the evening’s meal for my husband and I. When Daniel wakes, he is ready for another feed and we will then practicing sitting up or do some tummy time or play with items from Daniel’s sensory basket until my husband arrives home.


I really enjoy Mondays, they always feel like a productive day.


What do you and your little ones do on a Monday?


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