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PRODUCT REVIEW : Buddha Beauty Bath Bomb

Since having had Daniel, I am more aware of the hidden chemicals in every day life. I’ve massively cut back on the cleaning products we use, in response to Daniel’s young skin getting very inflamed after using soap powder at six weeks old.

As part of the general cutting back on chemicals, I spent an evening browsing the internet looking for some animal friendly and paraben free bath products. I am a bit of a bath junkie, happily spending my evenings soaking in the tub. I tend to get bought a lot of Lush stuff, but sadly, Lush stuff does often contain those nasty parabens. So… as I looked around the net, I came across the Buddha Beauty Company. They  describe themselves as ‘A British Brand with a Love for the Far East’ and there products are super animal friendly, being BUAV and Vegan approved.

I had a look round their website and was very impressed with the products on offer. I then followed them to twitter and, amazingly, they were asking for bloggers to review some products. I offered my blog up and a week or so ago I received a lovely little package from them.

First thing, the box smelt amazing, really fresh smells and once opened, the items were packaged really nicely in lovely pink paper.

I was sent a candle (which I’ve yet to use) and a ‘High Life Bath bomb’. I used the bath bomb last night… it was brilliant. Like all good bath bombs it fizzed away and turned the water a lovely pinky red. It also released some petals and smelt gorgeous. The blurb about this particular bath bomb states:

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Lay back and live the high life, gently breath in scented clouds of champagne and strawberries, as a rich blend of skin pleasing ylang ylang and gold of pleasure oils wash over you.Just drop your bomb in to a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water.
Yes there was a lovely smell (I’m not sure I would identify as champagne, but then again I’m not sure really what champagne smells like!). It fizzed away for a good while and when I got into the bath it was lovely and soft. My skin did really soft when I got out, sometimes I’ve found with other bath bombs they don’t quite dissolve properly and you end up with a bit of sand like grains on you; this wasn’t the case with this bath bomb.
Another unexpected fan of the bath bomb was my cat – my lovely black and white tom, Jasper, seemed very taken with the bath bomb and spent the duration of my bath perched on the edge. His younger brother, Finlay, joined him for a short time later on…
All in all, a very good product and I will certainly be ordering from Buddha Beauty in the future. At £3 per bath bomb they are well priced and they will be on my wish list for birthdays and Christmas from here on in. A wonderfully ethical company selling products safe enough for all the family and kind to our furry friends too.
I can’t wait to light the candle… although that one may wait until weekend.

8 thoughts on “PRODUCT REVIEW : Buddha Beauty Bath Bomb

  1. Oooh sounds lovely! I have very sensitive, eczema prone skin so I’m always wary of trying new bath products but these sound great. I’m surprised Lush products contain parabens – I had assumed they were mostly natural – will have to check the ingredients of the set I was given at my baby shower! Off to check out the Buddha Beauty Co now!

    • It was a lovely bath bomb, and yes, some of the lush products do contain parables, they’re also not endorsed by BUAV, although I’m not sure why not.

      I don’t think all the lush stuff contains parables, so prob best to check each one individually. I can however really really recommend the stuff form buddha beauty 🙂

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