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Our first weekend away

This weekend the three of us headed away – our first trip since Daniel was born (he is 20 weeks).


We headed to Lincoln, a place we should have gone to prior to Daniel’s arrival, but the day we were due to leave I was admitted to hospital with Pre-eclampsia, and, well, the next time I left I had Daniel!


We stayed in a brilliant B&B in a village called Skelingthorpe, about five miles from Lincoln city centre. The hosts were wonderfully attentive and had even left out a cot-bed for Daniel, a baby bath and a big selection of toys for him – above and beyond anything we expected.  On arrival there was a lovely slice of cake awaiting us and a drink too when we were ready. I really can’t recommend this B&B enough – I hope that if we travel back to Lincoln again in the future, we will be able to stay there again.


Any trip with a little one for any length of time means that you seem to pack an inordinate amount of ‘stuff’. We packed essentials, but is always hard to judge how many items of clothes to take, for example. I have had days where every time the nappy comes off, Daniel has wee’d all over his clothes, meaning I have gone through an endless supply of clothes! I also decided to take the cloth nappies, rather than rely on disposable. I was glad we did. We have more than enough nappies, and all it meant was that I put the dirty nappies in the wash last night as normal. No extra washing needed. Yes, taking a nappy bucket with us took up space in the car, but for us it was the right choice.


We spent Saturday enjoying a walk around (a wet!) Lincoln and went to the excellent Lincolnshire Life Museum and the Road Transport Museum – a must for anyone and both suitable for children as there are lots of discussion points etc – I hope we can take Daniel back there when he is a little older and it’s inspired me to add the Manchester road transport museum to my list of places to visit with him in the future (its funny how you rarely visit the things on your own doorstep!).

We had a lovely break, and Daniel surpassed my expectations and continued to sleep really well overnight – he woke earlier than usual, but didn’t panic as I expected he would do due to not being in familiar surroundings. All in all a really lovely little break for the three of us.


Have you been away with your little one? How was it, stressful or relaxing?


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