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Sensory Play

When you have a baby, people tend to buy you (and the baby) gifts. We were completely overwhelmed by the number of gifts we received when The Boy was born.


One of the best gifts we received was a treasure basket.


There’s loads of toys out there on the market that promise to educate your child, but really, all your baby wants to do is to explore new textures, and get used to the coldness of a metal object, or the softness of a piece of fleece. That’s whet makes a treasure basket such a brilliant gift. Daniel’s favourtie item is, without a doubt, the whisk. It is the right shape and weight for him to easily handle, and he just loves putting it in his mouth. He also loves the pastry brush being stroked down his nose and across his cheeks – an activity that is guaranteed to raise a smiel.


In this treasure basket we had lots of brilliant items, and I’ve added to it too. If you want to build your own basket for a bit of sensory play with your little one, here are my suggestions for items to include:

  • Pastry brush (silicone and non-silicone – both create a different texture and sensation for the baby)
  • Wooden Spoons – brilliant for them to mouth or to hit things with
  • Baking tray / tin – to be bashed by the wooden spoon and other items
  • Metal Whisk – Daniel’s favorite item by far!
  • Egg cups
  • String of beads
  • Tins of different shapes and sizes
  • Bath sponges
  • Different fabrics, eg: fleece, cotton, organza, cord. Try and use different colours too to help stimulate the eyes, Also great for playing peak a boo
  • Bangles – use different weights and materials. We have some metal and plastic bangles
  • Small hairbrush


I’m sure a quick look around the house and you will find lots of items. I’ve also bought some dryer balls to put into the basket and some bells. Other items we have include a koosh ball I found whilst clearing some of my old stuff, a tea strainer (He’s not that interested in this at the moment) and a chiffon scarf.


The key is as many different textures, shapes and sizes for your baby to explore. Sit alongside your baby and watch as they explore the items. Daniel is just 19 weeks old, but I can entertain him for a good hour by using the items from his sensory basket. I demonstrate how he can make sounds by banging two wooden spoons together, or by bashing a tin with hands or the spoons and whisk. HE can’t quite manage to make the noises for himself yet, but he knows what he has to do and I can see him concentrating hard to bring the spoons down onto the tin.


The beauty of the treasure basket and sensory play is that the items are easy to source, and safe for your little one to use. It can also grow as your baby does and you can ask them which is the heavier item, which is the green item etc. I’m looking forward to developing our sensory play as Daniel grows.


Do you have a treasure basket, and if so, what have you included in yours?


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