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BOOK REVIEW : My Humongous Hamster – Lorna Freytag

Today I received this book from the lovely people over at Piccadilly Press. Whilst I have been sent a free copy of this book, this is a fair and honest review.


This book is aimed very much at a young child, it is a picture book that follows a rather large hamster. Daniel and I have read this book and we rather liked it.

The accompanying press release says:

An imaginative story which grows! Lorna Freytag’s stunning photographs are surreal and comforting at the same time. It is certain to delight children and adults alike.

Now, the story itself isn’t one of the best I have read, I quite like stories that rhyme and I think rhyming stories hold my son’s attention better. But, that said, it is a lovely book and the pictures are brilliant. There is a lot of detail that, as Daniel grows, we will be able to highlight and talk about.

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As Daniel is just under 17 weeks old, he isn’t really enjoying books at the moment. I find that he often gets bored very quickly when we read. However, this book did hold his attention until the end, and he certainly enjoyed looking at the pictures, especially the brilliant one of the hamster nose up. It is rare that a book keeps him engaged for so long. It is 32 pages long so no mean feat for a small boy!

This book would make a lovely gift for any child, and I’m sure will be one that Daniel and I read time and time again. It will also be a good opportunity to talk about hamsters and how they are looked after etc.

My Humongous Hamster is due to be published on 25 April and is priced at £6.99 for the paperback version or £11.99 for the hardback version. There is more information on the publisher’s website here.


My Humongous Hamster is published by Piccadilly Press and is available to pre-order from amazon here.


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