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Dair(y)* to make the change

*Ok Ok, I know that’s a rubbish blog post title but I couldn’t think of anything better!


I’m thinking of cutting down on the amount of dairy I eat. I’m not thinking of becoming vegan (more a vague-n as a twitter friend noted) but I do need to cut down on the amount of dairy I’m eating and limit my intake.


I’m already vegetarian, and have been for as long as I can remember. I don’t like the taste, smell or texture of meat, never have. So pretend meat substitutes don’t really do it for me. Since having The Boy and being at home, it’s all too easy to have a cheese sandwich or cheese and biscuits for lunch. If I’ve just got home on a cold day then I’m often tempted by a hot chocolate, made with milk. I’m actually quite bothered by the amount of cheese alone I am eating. I can’t believe how much we go through. Surely that amount of fat can’t be good for me….


I did have a short dairy free spell when The Boy was 4/5 weeks old. It seemed that the amount of dairy in my diet was passing through my milk and it was causing tummy ache for The Boy. However, as his gut has matured I’ve found myself slipping back into bad habits and after a slow re-introduction of dairy, I’m now back to eating a silly amount.


When I wasn’t eating dairy for a few weeks I bought some Alpro almond milk, and, despite my preconceptions, it was actually quite nice! however, last week I bought various dairy free products from Tesco and I have to say that my first foray into the Tesco brand soya milk wasn’t good. It  curdled my coffee and tasted vile on my cereal this morning. It’s therefore ended up being poured away. I should have stuck to the Alpro stuff.


Another prompt for this change is that, in the not too distant future The Boy will be weaned, and I need to make sure that his diet is more varied than mine. I need to introduce to him a wide range of fruit and veg and different meals. I don’t want him to be a fussy eater like me.  I made falafel a few weeks back and it was surprisingly easy and very nice – even my husband was impressed. I’m keen for The Boy to understand where his food comes from and think about what he’s eating.


So… I’ll blog more about my journey into vague veganism but in the meantime, what are your favourite meat and dairy free dishes, and what advice have you got for me?


4 thoughts on “Dair(y)* to make the change

    • Thank you for stopping by!

      I agree soya in coffee is vile, however I quite like almond milk in coffee and going to make a hot chocolate with almond milk later on.

      I’ve not cut out dairy completely yet, but have reduced it significantly already 🙂

  1. Ah I’ve only just seen this. Alpro’s new anti-curdle magic soya milk is definitely the way forward for coffee, so I hear anyway – not actually a coffee drinker myself. Ebony loves eating tofu pieces (we get them from unicorn) & they’re full of all kinds of goodness. She’s also a big fan of nuts & seeds which are great too. She’ll eat any fruit or veg (apart from grapes… Not sure why) & I put this down to BLW! X

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