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MeMe– Ten Is

I’ve been tagged in this MeMe by Debbie over at My Pregnancy-mummy diary



So, this is a real all about me ‘MeMe’ so…. Here goes

I can…. Speak backwards. Not quite qure how I taught myself this, but I recall it was a dare when I was younger from my dad to order my meal at a restaurant backwards…. He was quite amazed when I could do!

I can’t…. bear Spiders – as Debbie found out when I refused to read one of her latest blog posts – there’s something quite sinister about them!

I want…. Things to be OK. – lots of things going on in my life that I want settled (work stuff) and other peoples lives with family and friends who are poorly or are going through a tough time.

I would like…. A new car – painfully materialistic I know, BUT, The Boy is getting a bit heavy to swing in and out the back of our two door Fiesta.

I Don’t…. Hmmm… this is a tough one… not too sure on this one… will pass on this for now and come back at the end!

I wish I could…. Blink and have all the work I wanted done completed in my house – still lots to do to make it into our forever home.

I hope…. The Boy stays healthy and grows up happy.

I love…. My little family, including the lunatic cats

I am…. First and foremost a mum.

And back to… I don’t …. Know how to answer this one! (cop out I know!)

Now… for my taggies I nominate…

Rachel at Thirty Beckons
Emma at They Grow so Quick


Teresa at Me & the Hardy Boys

Have fun 🙂


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