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Book Review – Captain Valiant and Me: Revenge of The Black Phantom

On Friday, I received this book from the lovely people over at Piccadilly Press. Whilst I have been sent a free copy of this book, this is a fair and honest review.

cap val

My Boy is only 14 weeks old, so a little young for this book.  I’d say it’s aimed at children around 8-10 years old, or younger if read by a parent.

The Press Release for this book states:

Superheroes were never meant to be like this!


Poor Dynamic Boy – he hates his name, his costume makes him look like an electric bee, and even his super power is pretty rubbish. His dad, Captain Valiant, is a total embarrassment, and having superhero work to do doesn’t mean he gets off his maths homework.

It also notes that this is a first book by the author, Adam Britten. It is a well written debut with nice strong characters. The four superheros have their own stories and I could see the series being expanded to focus on each of the four characters. I liked that the book will please both girls and boys, and I could see ‘Moon Girl’ having her own book to further appeal to a young girl.

The book is illustrated throughout with quirky little pictures (Arthur Hamer is the illustrator for this book) and they add to the story, particularly the end bit with the black goo, you get a sense that the author, illustrator and publisher have worked hard on this book to get it right.

This is the first book of a new Superhero series and it is due to be published on 28 Feb and will retail at £5.99 – I think it’s a good solid book that a child will turn to again and again, and be eager to see what the next story has in store for the superhero family.

It is a book that will go in a box, ready for The Boy in a few years’ time.


Captain Valiant and Me: Revenge of The Black Phantom is available from amazon here . To read more see the publishers website


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