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Nappies, nappies, nappies

Any new parent will be spending an awful lot of time changing their little one’s nappy. How did you choose which brand to use?

We decided quite early on into the pregnancy that we would use cloth nappies. I didn’t know a great deal about the cloth market, all I can recall is the terry towel squares my parents used with my little brother.

We wanted to use cloth nappies as we were concerned about the impact on the environment of disposables, and of course, the cost of nappies isn’t cheap!

We decided that we would aim to have our little on in cloth by Christmas, he was due on 11/11. In in the interim we opted for Huggies. I was really disappointed with Huggies, there seemed to be a lot of leaks! That *might* have been due to the fact that The Boy was teeny tiny (5lb 5) and lost a lot of weight when we was poorly, but when we switched to Aldi’s own brand nappies the leaks reduced significantly.

We didn’t get The Boy into the cloth nappies quite as early as I had hoped, this was due to the fact that he was tiny for ages, and was too small for them!

But which cloth nappies to use? I put a call out on Twitter and received some great advice from the lovely @tryingtobeamum (who’s second one shared The Boy’s due date). I also contacted The Nappy Lady for advice.


Taking all this advice into account, I decided that Tots Bots Easy Fit would be the one that would probably work the best for us. So, off we trundled to the Baby Show to have a look at the nappies.


I have to say that Tots Bots had a superb stand, it was manned by real mums who had babies in Tots Bots. The mum we spoke to was able to give us some honest and great advice on what life with a baby in cloth mean. On her advice we bought a whole kit of Tots Bots

We bought 15 easy fit nappies (5 x white, 5 x rainbow and 5 x fairy tales) and also 5 x Bumboozle Stretch. We also got the accessories kit (bucket, liners, washing powder) and all came in at less than £300.


I have to say we have been really impressed with the nappies. Leaks have been minimal now that he fits into them, and they are super padded so I am sure that once he starts toddling they will help cushion his falls! They wash really well. We did have an issue with the popper on one of the nappies coming away, but to their credit Tots Bots sent a replacement nappy.  We use the Bumboozle Stretch at night –  a two part system is a little too much hassle for me, but they are a more absorbent nappy for overnight.


I know some people worry about the extra washing that cloth nappies generate but most parents will have their washing machine on constantly anyway, an extra couple of washes a week doesn’t add that much really. The Easy Fits are also really fast drying – around six hours I think. I tend to put a wash in after The Boy has gone to bed, and leave then nappies to dry overnight.

I’m really glad we made the choice to go with cloth nappies, all being well our nappy buying days are done, and they will see The Boy through to potty training.


With that in mind – what age did you potty train you young one?



2 thoughts on “Nappies, nappies, nappies

  1. Potty training can vary so much. Don’t be pushed into thinking that they will do it sooner because they used clothed nappies either. They will do it when they are ready. This can really range between 18mths- to 3 1/2 years or beyond. My little boy is 4 in April but developmentally about 2 – and he’s been out of nappies a year in the day time but still can have accidents.

    If you find at any point you’re not getting on with your choice of cloth nappies then there’s plenty of people selling them second hand for you to try different types.

    Or you might get sucked into buying all different ones because they can be so pretty.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by.

      We love the tots bots nappies and have ordered some more of the bamboozle ones for overnight, we only had five and I was finding that I had every third night without one because they hadn’t dried.

      Thanks for the info re potty training… I’m not going to get hung up on it, it’s an awful long way off!

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