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What never fails to amaze me at the groups I go to with The Boy is the politeness of mums.

We sit there and we politely listen to each other telling stories about our little ones… sometimes there’s an element of competition; whose baby is crawling, whose baby is sleeping through the night and we politely smile and, sometimes, feign interest… if only because it’s the first adult conversation of the day. Each of us knows that the other mum is only half listening, and that the smile is often faked.

It’s rare that anyone at these groups give you their full attention… most of us are exhausted from sleepless nights or rushing to get to the group on time, or we have one eye on our little one. Even at home it’s rare that anyone gives me their full attention… they’re usually waiting to see what new thing The Boy can do.

But, the one person who, at various points in the day, gives me his full and undivided attention is The Boy. When he looks at me and grins his big gummy smile, I know he means it. He’s not smiling politely at my appalling efforts to sing, or at my questionable story telling. He’s smiling because he’s happy and safe.

There’s not fakery, no pretense. Just pure happiness.

How many people do we encounter day to day who smile at us but it’s not meant, or there is something wanted in return?

When The Boy flashes his smile and gives it a little gurgle there are no strings attached.

Simple and perfect.


One thought on “Simplicity

  1. I found the socialising aspect really difficult when Arlo was little. Felt like he was always crying and needed most of my attention so was really hard to concentrate on having a proper conversation with other mums. It’s still such valuable interaction though, certainly beat staying in all day on my own so I’m glad I went out and (tried) to make the effort!

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